7Ex Edger

•  Drilling and grooving in one process

•  Flexibility to process all bevel types

•  Processes 18mm B measurements

•  Reduces slippage and crazing

•  Reliable and industrial construction


High-Wrap and Complex Beveling

Edge high base lenses and complex shapes using the 7Ex’s unique cutter design. Standard cutting system: rough; finish; polish; groove; and safety bevels. “Switch on the fly” to the multi-fluted cutter, which provides four different bevel geometries or one of many other specialty cutters.

Precise Drilling

Control profits and performance with the cost effective, versatile drilling option. Retrieve thousands of
pre-programmed drill data from manufacturers’ specifications or easily input new ones.

Advanced Clamping

The electric clamping system minimizes slippage and crazing with controlled clamping forces.

Environmentally Friendly

Eliminate messy and environmentally harsh coolants without sacrificing product quality.

On-screen Assist

Real-time process control. Integrated, intelligent software provides directional assistance for even the most inexperienced operator. Access on-screen operations, maintenance and parts manuals with the touch of a button.

Performance, productivity and popularity – the 7Ex provides the widest range of functionality, versatility and features of any edger in the industry. From the smallest to largest operations, the 7Ex fulfills all your edging needs and is backed by the industry’s most reliable service and support team.

Additional Features

  • Comes complete with vacuum system and accessory kit
  • One year parts and labor warranty
  • Installation and training included


  • Maximum lens blank size: 90mm (effective diameter)
  • Minimum finishing B size with (standard) half eye clamping assembly:18mm rimless; 20mm bevel


  • OMA / VCA compatible
  • Stand alone


  • Multi-fluted cutter
  • Specialty cutters
  • Barcode reader
  • PCD cutter


  • Power: 115 VAC 60Hz, 1500 W dedicated circuit
  • Height: 28.4” (72.0 cm)
  • Depth: 26.6” (67.5 cm)
  • Width: 25.3” (64.3 cm)
  • Weight: 135 Ibs (61 kg)

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