Axiom Surface Generator


Axiom Surface Generator

Compact 3-axis generator for all organic materials. High speed, compact, ergonomic design. Dry-cut technology and extended range. Easy to use touch screen. Automatic lens cribbing and pin-beveling. Cuts lap tools.

Compact, Ergonomic Design Easy table top mounting.  Produce a variety of lens curves with a minimal space requirement.
Improved Speed and Reliability > 30% increase in speed and productivity.  Robust construction for greater accuracy and reliability.
Dry Cutting Accuracy Prescriptions are generated free of elliptical error in a wide range from -30.00 up to +6.00 diopters.
Easy to Use Touch Screen

Integrated, smart software provides directional assistance for even the most inexperienced operator. Access on-screen operations, maintenance and parts manuals with the touch of a button.

Complete Lens Processing Surface generation, lens cribbing and pin-beveling in one process step.
Lap Tools Processes plastic or foam laps to match surfaceable lens curve.  Software suggests best lap minimize waste and cutting time.
Interfaceable and Compatible Fully interfaceable with most 3rd-party software packages. OMA protocol compatible.
Additional Features Shipped Complete with vacuum system and accessory kit.
Modular design facilitates in-lab maintenance and repair.
Factory training and technical service support included.
One year parts and labor warranty.

Generator -120 lbs/54 Kgs
Vacuum -24 lbs/11 Kgs

Height: 21.5" (54.5cm)

Width: 35.5" (90cm)

Depth: 26" (66 cm)

100 PSI clean, dry compressed air required


115 VAC, 60 Hz,1500 WATTS
230 VAC, 50 Hz,1500 WATTS

20 Amp.service line required

ETL LISTED, Conforms to UL Std. for Electrical Equipment for Laboratory Use ETL TESTING


Lens Curve Range: +6.00 Diopters to -20.00 Diopters (High Speed Tool)

Lap Curve Range: -6.00 Diopters to +20.00 Diopters (High Speed Tool)

Lens Curve Range: +6.00 Diopters to -30.00 Diopters (High Range Tool)

Lap Curve Range: -6.00 Diopters to +30.00 Diopters  (High Range Tool)

Cylinder Range: 15.00 Diopters

Prism Range: 15.00 Diopters

Saddleback Range: +6.00 Diopters to -6.00 Diopters

Maximum Blank Size: 90mm (blocked on geometric center)

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