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Visual Lab Pro
Surface Calculation Program The heart of the Visual Lab program. It allows you to select lenses from the Lens Specifications database. This selection is then combined with the patient’s RX information and your equipment specifications in order to provide dependable surface calculations. New laser printer surface ticket and invoice formats now contain barcodes, trace and seg graphics, bold print for important items, along with many other new Rx details.
Lens Specifications Database Allows you to add, delete, search or change any of the specifications for lenses you will be using in your surface lab. Specifications for over 950 different lens products are currently included in this database.
Frames Specifications Database Holds information about frame names, their measurements and other data to assist in the surfacing and edging of lenses. Data can be added, changed, deleted, sorted, or searched. (Note: You can import data into this database if you are a subscriber to FRAMES Data Service.)
Trace Manager Allows for the management and storage of traces from frame tracers. Trace modification is also supported along with the ability to create a frame shape library. On screen graphics display the trace in life size separated by the actual DBL.
Job Tracking Lab operators can quickly retrieve tracking information about a job by invoice number or patient name. Interfaced equipment registers entries into the customer’s tracking file automatically. Additional entries may be manually added to the tracking data for any lab operations that do not involve interfaced equipment.
Report Capabilities Production and sales reports are produced quickly and easily in a variety of chart styles.
Remote Service Utility Although it is unusual to have a problem that cannot be resolved with a phone call, Visual Lab now contains a remote service utility. This program allows Visual Lab service personnel to perform various trouble shooting operations and other maintenance operations from almost any location in the world through the modem in your computer.
*Wholesale Accounting System Will price and print an invoice after printing a job ticket. The wholesale billing system includes options such as: stock invoice entry, credit invoice issuance, view un-posted invoices, payment and discount entry, monthly statement printing, end of year statements, and review of previous statements.
*Lab Inventory System Twenty discount structures are available. Will print by mfg daily lens usage to be faxed to vendor. Visual Lab allows you to manage both your wholesale and retail inventory, allowing up to four retail price levels and one wholesale price level for each item as well as the ability to keep track of the tools/laps you have in your lab.
*Because these features have been included at no extra charge, telephone support is not available for the accounting or inventory functions of Visual Lab.

Additional Visual Lab Software
Visual Lab Remote Software
Part #: 55642
Visual Lab Remote enables creation and transmission of remote site orders that may or may not include a trace. The remote site orders are transmitted through a modem over regular dial-up phone lines. This package is normally used to send orders to the Visual Lab Host program so they can be processed through Visual Lab. The program interfaces with a variety of tracers and can be used in a networked environment.
Visual Lab Trace Server Software
Part #: 55647
This program acts as a trace server and translator between various brands of finish equipment. It provides almost unlimited trace storage capability limited only by hard drive space. TraceServer is appropriate for a finish lab that does not need a surface calculator and can be used in a networked environment.

Visual Lab Software System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP or Vista is recommended. Windows 98, 98 SE, NT, ME, and 2000 will also work as long as the latest Windows update service packs have been installed. Regardless of the version of Windows you are running, it is always best to have the latest Windows service packs and updates installed. NOTE: Although Windows ME will usually work, it has serious reliability issues so we don’t recommend using Windows ME. Windows 95 and other older versions of Windows will NOT work.
Computer Speed Visual Lab Pro: 600 Mhz or faster Multimedia computer is required.

Visual Lab Pro with Remote: 750 Mhz or faster Multimedia computer is recommended.
Other Recommended Specifications Windows 98, ME, NT: At least 64MB Ram

Windows 2000: At least 128MB Ram

Windows XP: At least 256MB Ram

Windows Vista: At least 512MB Ram

At least 10 Gig Hard Drive

A CD drive is required.
The Visual Lab Pro installation package is too large to deliver on diskettes.

A rewritable DVD or network drive is recommended for backup purposes

SVGA display card and monitor in 1024x768, or 800x600 high color mode (640x480 mode may be usable in some cases but it is not recommended)

A laser printer is highly recommended. Most brands and models of Windows compatible laser printers will work fine with Visual Lab Pro. Parallel port and USB printer interfaces are both supported in Visual Lab Pro. Dot matrix and ink jet printers are not recommended for use with Visual Lab Pro.
Standard Modules Included Visual Lab Pro is supplied on CD. The software includes the following standard program modules:
  • Visual Lab Lens Surfacing Program
  • Lens Specification Database Manager
  • Frame
  • Measurement Database Manager
  • Frame Trace Manager

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