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Company Information

National Optronics leads the industry's lens processing equipment area with its innovative machinery, which is designed primarily around our patented dry-cutting technology. All of our machinery is reliable and efficient, in addition to being extremely user-friendly.

David Beach, the Company's founder and Chairman, built Optronics around a commitment to meet the expectations of each customer. This commitment distinguishes us among our peers even today.


In 1979, David Beach was introduced to the technology of dry edging by an inventor who was looking for investors. Realizing the technology's potential in the fast growing plastic lens arena, he purchased the patent and began production as National Optronics, Inc.

More than twenty years later, Optronics continues to improve on both the original technology and its application to lens processing equipment. The Company's history is marked by continued innovation and leadership.


The Mission of Optronics is to manufacture quality machinery which is used to process plastic lenses in both the surfacing and finishing areas of an optical laboratory. Our machinery will be based for the most part on our dry cutting technology. We will sell and service this machinery to all optical laboratories, superstores, chains/multi-location retailers and government facilities.


Our Vision is to become and continue to be an industry leader, recognized worldwide for its innovation, its excellence in operations, its commitment to serving customers and its line of high-quality machinery which meets our customers' expectations for performance and value.


To achieve these goals, we will operate our Company on the Values:

  • Trust and integrity
  • Dedication to our customers' best interests
  • High standards of quality manufacturing
  • Dynamic yet stable growth in revenues and profits
  • Support for and respect for our employees
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