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3B Blocker

The first automatic finish blocker built right here and designed with the accuracy, reliability, productivity and low maintenance that your busy finish laboratory needs.

Engineered for Accuracy

The 3B Finish Blocker blocks lenses with accuracy, speed and reliability.

  • The unique design utilizes projection imagery to display the front image of the lens, reducing the distance between the object and the image to .5mm for a more accurate image.
  • Projection imagery reduces the parallax and accidental refraction which cause blocking errors.
  • A customized transmissive LCD allows the operator to clearly view the projected image of the reference points on the display and precisely align them with the lens shape and the registration marks.
  • Custom blocking options include geometric center blocking, optical center blocking or manual placement.
Built-In Reliability

Designed and built to reliably operate day after day, shift after shift without causing downtime for the operator.

  • The 3B Blocker supports the OMA v3.03 - compatible software offered by most host software companies.
  • Future 3B Blocker software upgrades will be offered via the National Optronics website, and can be upgraded through the customer's computer.
  • Flexible options for customers will continue as National Optronics addresses new frame and lens styles and designs as they become available.
  • Job data can be acquired either through seamless communication with a host or tracer through manual entry. Our software facilitates intensive data integrity checking to ensure valid data entry, communication and job storage.
  • Three serial ports to support receiving data from the host or tracer, sending data to the edger and receiving barcode job number input. The port parameters are individually adjustable to match specific devices & cabling requirements.
Higher Productivity

Engineered to match the needs of today’s finish laboratories, the 3B Blocker offers specifically
designed features and software applications to enhance the user interface and speed up the
blocking process.

  • Wider Viewing Angle – The operator can comfortably operate the 3B Blocker either sitting or standing while viewing the monitor for blocking.
  • Split screen allows the operator to view the job screen and the lens layout image. Bold, easy to
    read text reduces the opportunity for errors during input.
  • The calibrated scale on the screen matches the scale of the lens, meaning a quick review and
    layout without concern for distortion.
  • The 3B Blocker will store up to 200 jobs, which can be accessed directly by an edger or saved at the blocker for fast processing of common or one-lens jobs.
Low Maintenance Operation

A robust design and low maintenance goal was key to engineering the 3B Blocker. Reducing the
opportunities for downtime from software and communication errors, and increasing performance
were specific targets for the engineers.

  • The 3B will accommodate all block styles currently on the market.
  • The illumination bulb is easy to change, with simple steps and easy access.
  • Critical parts have been sealed to maintain clear, sharp images.
  • A footswitch to initiate the blocking operation provides for improved ergonomics.
Technical Specifications

Height: 18” (460 mm)
Width: 8.5” (217 mm)
Depth: 18.75” (475 mm)
Weight: 19 lbs (8.6Kg)
Voltage: 100-240 VAC
Current: 1 Amp
Frequency: 50-60 Hz

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