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7E HLP Edging System
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Distributor Information

In an effort to better serve customers, National Optronics works with the following U.S and International companies who distribute our products:

Not on the list? Please contact the factory directly at nopsales@nationaloptronics.com.

North America Distributor

Satisloh North America
Maggie Fries
Phone: 800-866-5640
email: Maggie Fries

Europe Distributor

Satisloh GmbH Wetzlar
Thomas Pfleging
Phone: +49 173 9080783

email: Thomas Pfleging

Asia & Astralia Distributors

Satisloh Asia Ltd.
Mika Lam
Phone: +852-27 56 77 11
email: Mika Lam

Brazil Distributor

Multi Optica Dist.
Carlos Ernani Parussolo
Phone: +55 21 21 23 28 50
email: Carlos Ernani Parussolo

Latin America Distributor

Satisloh Latin America
Alejandro Bedoya
Phone: +57 310 824 4863
email: Alejandro Bedoya

Great Britian Distributor

Tritek Optical Services LTD
Colin Pooley
Phone: +44 1788 573737 ext 201
email: Colin Pooley
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